About us

Tart was born out of many long conversations of how to balance motherhood, family life, and some kind of profession outside of our busy home lives-- something we loved and knew we were good at.  

Making fresh, seasonal foods and freezing batches of them for later consumption is something we’ve done for our own families for a long time. At some point it occurred to us that other busy families would likely enjoy the perks of having easy, delicious food in their freezers as well!

Our goal with Tart is to make food for your family much like we make it for ours: small batch sweet and savory goodies inspired by the bounty of our Midwestern seasons—and the occasional over-the-top treats. :)

Our process

Once we have a menu selected, we head to to farms, farmers markets, and local stores to purchase all the ingredients for the month. We then get to work in the kitchen making and freezing all the items on the current menu.  

Once a month we send an email with a link to the website/current menu, and you place your order. Our window for taking orders is usually around 2 weeks. You then can sit back and relax, while we finishing making, freezing, and packaging for the month. We deliver to your home in the Madison area on the specified date, generally in the evening between 6-8:30pm, or you can pick up your order at the FEED Kitchen (1219 N Sherman Ave), whichever works for you. 

Because our products stay frozen until they are baked, it's important that someone is home to receive the order, or that provisions are made with a cooler left out to keep things frozen.  If you pickup at FEED, you may want to consider a cooler bag for the car.  

Order windows

Since we are always making fresh and new items for each month, we only take orders for a limited time during each month. This allows us to keep our menus changing regularly and to keep our ingredients and product as fresh as possible. If you happen to check out our website and see that our "order window" is closed, please check back again soon, or better yet, get on our email list so you will always know when it's open!